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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't forget this little secret for Cyber Monday or anyday...

It's always Cyber Monday for me, or it's always Cyber Tuesday, Cyber Wednesday, etc.  A day doesn't go by without me blogging or commenting, advertising or twittering and even buying....I am ready for the huge onslaught of gift buyers and collectors adding to their collections, I am always ready, being a Cyber Monday or a Tired's a little secret I  want you to know...MAKE OFFERS to the small business selling myself.
Before the weekend started, I was receiving "offers".  Because I am in the business to support my hobby of collecting Vintage glass, I must flip other items to sell.  Plain and simple.  I am not making a million dollars and I don't have a large power seller status, but I do want to make a sale, I am likely to counteroffer and then we settle with one more offer. Personally, I counter only once. When I first started to sell online and share my Vintage finds, I would forget to add the "make offer" status to every listing.....the smart buyers take the time, even if it is not in my listing, to send me an email and make an offer.  I am very glad they do as I am most likely to make a sale because they have set the price.  When I list, I can only make my best guess at what it might sell for, if someone comes along who says, "I would like that item but will only pay......." I am most likely to calculate my price out and let the item go.  *******SO, buyers remember: if you see something in a virtual store, anywhere, but especially Ebay, if there is an item you like but is much too high or the shipping is inordinate go ahead and MAKE THAT OFFER- it just might work!!  Sometime's those shipping calculations are guesstimates...again, MAKE ON OFFER to the seller....ask them to recalculate the price for your personal shipment....a credible seller should be able to do this for you and give you a solid price.  Sellers like myself, refund any shipping overcharges beyond the handling...regularly.  So, don't be afraid to MAKE OFFERS for both items and shipping to sellers.  Folks like myself depend on folks like you, good, honest, hard working, old fashioned bargain hunters...just like me...if I pay it forward to help you...someone will do the same for, the secret is::::::on CYBER MONDAY and beyond...TRY TO MAKE AN OFFER and remember to have fun along the way....-=brenda  BWs Vintage Collectibles

Monday, November 19, 2012

Paying it Forward, Las Vegas

This weekend, while winding my way through the streets in Henderson, getting lost time and again as the estate sale signs were wind blown and were mixed up with LAST WEEKEND's signs.....I noticed something vaguely familiar in my rear view mirror...a Cadillac...a black one....hhhhmmmm I wondered, it was following me!!! It did look familiar....As I turned a 3 pt turnabout, the fellow in the car behind me did it too!!!  Well, " least there was someone in this world dumber than me..."at least I wasn't the one FOLLOWING....I was leading, and somehow that put me above this guy who was intently following me.  As I finally found the sale, I parked far off because I felt I needed exercise...(later changing my mind)....I swooped up my toy poodle Peaches (big mistake taking her with me, she's so fat I almost killed myself trying to hold her for my leisurely walk-about) and proceeded to walk over to the sale.  I had forgotten about the Cadillac for the time being....but as I was trying to look strong and confident holding Peaches (she was gaining weight as I held her) ....THAT GUY walked in behind me...and stayed there.  THAT GUY...he was THAT SAME GUY that ripped the Hot Wheels out from under me about 2 months ago.....he was following me around another estate sale and when I came upon the Hot Wheels, he actually ripped them out from under me.....HE WAS THAT GUY...THAT GUY....where'd he come from ? I, even though Peaches was like 50 lbs by then and squirming....I conducted my walk-about SLOWER.  THAT GUY just stayed right by, I did what any red blooded middle-aged baby boomer woman born in Alaska would do.....I started to comment on every little thing as if I was going to a dummy....he picked up stuff that was pure junk, nothing Vintage....and then....I walked about all that same stuff twice......yep.....even though Peaches was squirming and I was trying to be calm and cool...... THAT GUY was trying to one up me and trying to be patient...but he was trying to swipe stuff cause my hands were full of   (By that time both Peaches and I were really not liking each other), eventually I walked back to the car....and then I noticed IT.....the Caddy following me....IT BELONGED TO THAT GUY......oh brother.....I laughed and got a good kick out of it....and boy, did I score with that estate sale...didn't buy anything but I sure had fun.

At auction this week, Thanksgiving Week....
starts under $10
Never been opened.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gaza Strip Information Opinion out of Las Vegas

I wanted to understand what is going on with the Gaza strip.

It's complicated but I found a good source and it is unbiased.

Also, after studying the old Testament, I can see the religious aspects are also folded into the mess.

Every few years the middle east explodes and the rest of the world goes in and makes them sign a new settlement or treaty or agreement.  
They shake hands and go play nicely for just a few years...only minimal strikes....when the UN isn't looking.....

I have no opinion on who is right or wrong.  I am only saddened for the children who didn't ask to be there or to stay after they were born.....

As a parent, I cannot understand how any person or parent cannot get on their feet and walk away, protecting their families from this continual fighting and slaughter.  I would walk away with a blanket in the middle of the night and do anything I could to leave this area far before fighting would be at my door.....

I wanted to pass this along to you all, in case you listen to the news or media to have an understanding of the history involved and how it relates to the current war zone.

Take care everyone...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Las Vegas Virtual Shopping, mom and pop

Shopping was never easier than this year!   Holidays can drag on and on and on, starting with the onset of Fall, way back in September!  Just one trip to the big box store on October 30, the day before Halloween, was confusing at best.   Displays had Christmas and Halloween together, and even had clearance sale shopping carts with Halloween things in them, the day BEFORE Halloween!  I don't know when the "shopping" time changed....I thought it waited until at LEAST November 1..?
But not any longer. bright displays with Holiday goodies and gifts take the stores front and center to send the message to consumers, "hurry up!  Buy now before it's all gone".  Folks like myself leave the store full of anxiety....perhaps I should have started my Christmas shopping in September?  
Alas, rest easy, shopping can begin at home...with vast array of items to choose, you can cruise anywhere to any site and shop-- then have things delivered to your door. 
Shopping at home will allow you to budget your gifts and relieve anxiety!  If you become a return customer to a particular store, look for discounts!  At the very least, you can order with confidence your items will be as described and they will arrive immediately.
BWs Vintage Collectibles is more than a Vintage Smalls Collectibles site.  Many of the items are brand new with tags.  The items are usually previous gifts given and the recipient never used them, putting them away in the closet.  
Providing 100% money back guarantee items to be as described and in good order, 1 day handling and shipping, and a 14 day return policy guarantee, if you shop at BWs Vintage Collectibles, you will be contributing to a virtual mom and pop shop (my case, a mom and grandma shop)~~a local business owner with honest and credible service.  You will be able to confidently return each and every occasion.  
**A local business owner who happens to be virtually modern, it is the new era.
If you bookmark your favorite sites and sellers, be sure to check for return customer discounts...BWs ' customers need only to send  a note or email to remind of their status (in case I miss it) and they can also subscribe to a bi-weekly receive a 2% discount on their orders over and above any current sale.
Relax, make your lists, shop in a virtual mom and pop shop this year; keep your business within the U.S.A. and contribute to the economy.  There is nothing better than having the holidays under control.  If we can't find anything to buy made in America, at least we can recycle items and we can buy in America!!!