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Friday, July 27, 2012

Las Vegas the place to be after finals

Yes, even though I live in the Las Vegas Valley, in a suburb actually, I do, occasionally, get over to the Strip.  The fantastic colors the neon signs produce are just mesmerizing.  Reds, blues, yellows, oranges, purples, greens.....extra large digital pictures of all the stars, comedians, dancers you can imagine ....the Bellagio water fountains spring forth, higher and higher, dancing to music, lulling the passer-bys into a hypnotic and peaceful happy place.  Just going to the downtown Fremont Street Experience is a treat, anytime, but especially at night.

While the Vintage street was protected and covered with an awning of LCD lights, the walk and subsequent light show on the awning is spectacular. As you walk down memory lane-now known as the Fremont Street Experience- or DOWNTOWN- to the locals....your mind imagines the simplicity of the pas: the buildings are Vintage, the neon lights are Vintage, and it compliments the updated entertainment venue can feel spirits roaming and enjoying the Experience too. Of course, Vintage is my passion, as I search every weekend for lost treasures that need to be cleaned and displayed....Items that need to be showcased and put into a cabinet....and items that need to be saved for our next generations.....1970s and 80s are now considered VINTAGE, although, I must admit, I find it difficult to label them as such.   I know, the youngster of today will someday have the desire to revisit America's past and hunt for these treasures....those items that are labeled frequently as "Mid-Century" will be labeled "true Vintage"  and will be highly collectible and set upon shelves and in cabinets.  When I visit the current Vegas Strip and become lulled by the Bellagio fountains and entertained with the Mirage overflowing Volcano, I almost always remember the Rat Pack, Marilyn, Lucille Ball, among a few, who vacationed here, laughed here, and stayed here. To think my Valley, my home- entertained the entertainers is in itself the epitome of treasure hunts, my cleaning, my photography means so much more as I share with the world items plucked from the homes and estates of fellow neighbors in this rich and magical place called--Las's more than a hot summer oasis in the desert and it is my home.  -=brenda
BWs Vintage Collectibles

 Cats Eyes 

Vintage ca 50-60s Sweaters
 Anhold Ashtray

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whew, it rained in Las Vegas! Nice

Whew, and it's a good thing that it rained in Henderson, Las Vegas, and anywhere here in the desert.   I was on the verge of melting into my shoes this weekend while visiting estate sales.  When you get into your car and you burn the tips of your fingers to turn your steering wheel.....that's too hot.  When you get into your car and it doesn't cool off for 25 minutes....that's too hot.  The worst of it is when you finally break down and eat a chocolate bar....and it melts in your remember you should have had a V8 or chosen M & Ms.  What I should have done was visit Ethel M's Chocolate Factory in Henderson and ate my candy INSIDE where there is air conditioning.  The past two weekends have not been very exciting here in the Las Vegas area for finding unique vintage treasure, but I did meet some wonderful people along the hunt.  I found the cutest plush bears, one of my favorites is the "Las Vegas" bear, he's all white holding a pillow that is embroidered, states "Las Vegas.."   ... Actually, one vintage couple followed me to every destination.  Every time I turned around, there they were, in the red truck...following me around the house/sale.....closer to me than my poodle at dinner time. If I picked up a Tuscan Landscape Pitcher, they'd pick it up after me...if I picked up a Rhinestone brooch, they'd be in the same box as I... I guess they thought I was the one to watch as I worked my way around delicate china and glass.  As soon as I made moves toward the door, they would follow me out and jump in their truck, and again, they'd show up at the next one....they did pretty good speed wise at driving for being that vintage age and all.... just don't know why we all didn't hitch rides together and save on gas.  Speaking of gas (for the car) I found a station in Henderson that charged $3.38 a gallon.  I was thrilled. I need to be riding a Harley, speaking of, see below Christmas "Letters to Santa" Harley Davidson rider ornament..... I digress......I spent the majority of the weekend putting additional items into my store, BWs Vintage Collectibles, am going to finish up adding all of my Vintage and Mid-century items this next week.
Be sure to check out this bear!!!!   -=brenda

Letters to Santa

Harley Davidson Letters to Santa GA0901 Ornament NIB North Pole Motorcycle Club
New in Box.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's SO HOT in Las Vegas. WHEW.

Whew and Wow, it's hot in the Las Vegas valley this week. Pretty normal though.  While at the post office yesterday mailing a Priority package to a buyer, I met a very nice lady and we talked for quite a the shade.....we were comparing heat indexes.  My idea of hot in the car was when my fingertips burned when I put my hands on the steering wheel of my car....her idea of hot was when people stopped moving around.  I showed her my fingertips...she offered hand lotion to me, being as the little bottle was almost empty, I declined.  It's a perfect time of year to open a store in Ebay, BWs Vintage Collectibles.  My newest venue for Vintage and Mid-century estate collectibles.  Here's the new link!

  I attribute the opening of the new Ebay store to my dear Kansas friend, Bonnie, whom I met while purchasing on Ebay, but more importantly, she lives within 70 miles of my ancestry roots.  She is like family to me, I met her this May, and she is a great lady, working at an auction estate company, she is so knowledgeable of many things...but she is also a great mom.....!  She is definitely a 100% seller for many years and you should see what she is selling!

I will eventually get all of my Vintage and Mid-Century inventory listed on  even if I am sweating to do it, pardon the pun.....but right now, I am in over my ears with changing venues and heat indexes over the top....a nice resort style swimming pool might be the ticket vintage style body probably won't fit in a swim suit though.....maybe I"ll go when it gets dark..........  with a glass of wine.  I always fit better into a swimsuit after I've had some wine...I'll fill ya in on the details...or not.....-=brenda