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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Vintage Collectibles in Las Vegas over 20 yrs old

Good day.  And then I was reading again...about Vintage people...I call them Vintage rather than use the description, "Gray".  Anyone can be gray.  Matters of fact, there is a hair dye you can use to turn your hair gray if you choose...some people's hair never turns gray, it turns WHITE, as in my father's case....fine white and beautiful.......I digress......the article I was reading referred to "Gray drivers".  What the heck is that all about?  What does a gray driver look like?  I digress again....(this article was much too personal to me!). Supposedly, the "Baby Boomers" are aging.  Matters of fact, I didn't used to be a baby boomer, but the age perimeters changed and now I am one.  An analysis by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows a driver's risk-not only to herself -but also to others on the road- begins to increase about the age of 70 years of age.  By the age of 85, the drivers are two to three times more likely to die in a vehicular accident than a 16 to 17 yr old teen.  The article went on to state, fortunately, older drivers are more careful,  drive shorter distances, and by design don't go out as often due to being retired.  They don't drink and drive much.  Well, the only thing I can say about that is what about those Vintage people driving those huge motor homes around?  like huge crates of ammunition on wheels...slowly creeping along and swerving when they get a glimpse of the strip from atop N95 as it crests coming out of Boulder City....?   What about those Vintage people who take lots of prescription meds and need naps?  What's the AAA got to say about that?  All I've got to say is that I am glad I am not a "gray" person cause I tint my hair...I drive an economical car...and I take I don't get tired.....Vintage and living in Las Vegas, that's me.  Vintage is anything over 20 years old.  That's me.
Seriously, the article is lax.  (Not laxative)   The way I figure it, I'm a darn good driver...for any given day I am on the road...I dodge speeding fancy sports cars down the 215, rental car malfunctions in speed when pulling on to the 215 from the rental hub.....I stay out of the fast lane so the young guns can go by....I wave when I drive by them as they are getting their tickets....I don't tailgate (unless someone is from out of state)....I allow people to cross the street to get into Walmart (I can't say the teenagers stop for me when I need to cross the street to get into Walmart) and I only park in the handicap slots when I feel my Vintage age....I try not to cuss at teenagers who flip me off.....I think I'm a pretty good driver for my Vintage age of over 20 yrs. (description of Vintage.)  as long as I get my daily naps.....although, I am due for another hair tinting this week.....I sure hope I can find that cherished blue parking spot cause I feel really Vintage today....almost antique!   I am pretty sure the person who wrote the "Gray Drivers" article was just jealous cause "GRAY DRIVERS" get to park closer to the door at Walmart and GRAY HAIR does not have anything to do with the WAY I DRIVE.  hhhhhrrrrrrrmmmmmppphhhhh.   For more Vintage small collectibles, come visit my store!

ca1928-29 State of Georgia Arithmetic Reader, awesome,auction_id,auction_details

ca1903 American Brilliant 6 " nappy, excellent condition

ca1939-45 KPM132 Krister Rosenthal, Demitasse cups and saucers, mint condition,auction_id,auction_details

Monday, June 18, 2012

Las Vegas Hospitals, Labs, Physicians running wild?

You know, this past year, or maybe even the past couple of years, I have started reading my insurance's a summary of your healthcare visit and it has those medical codes...followed by procedures or orders from the doctor or lab.  This is a summary of what the office staff sends to the insurance company to pay.  I remember, it amazed me just how a local optimologist billed the insurance 3 times on 3 different dates a couple of years ago.  He was merely doing a second evaluation.  He billed for surgical things....and later tried to bill me for the co-pays the insurance wouldn't pay!!!  I had a good fight over that one.  I think the doc went out of business....but I learned something.  I now read them every time I get one in the mail.  Our economy has been overwhelmed with all kinds of people trying to find money...anywhere.  It is no surprise, with Medicare reducing payments to doctors, hospitals and labs, that their staffs' might or kinda, plump up a bill?
I read this week there are things you should look for, but first, this is what I do after visiting a medical service:
1)  keep the receipt and my payment, take it out of my purse and put it into a folder which sits where I keep my bills;
2)  when the insurance EOB or summary of payment comes to my mailbox, (sometimes I may have several from the same visit due to secondary insurance submitals, hospitas, surgery, etc.) I match it with my receipt.
**Frequently, it takes several weeks to obtain all the summaries from the insurance companies.
3)  I methodically go down through the summary and look for mistakes in procedures, dates, services, etc.
4)  I review all receipts for same service date to see if the physician or other has submitted double!
5)  If I spot a problem, I phone the insurance carrier to ask questions regarding the co-pays, etc and alert them you have a possible mistake in billing.
6)  Call your medical admin staff who is responsible for the mistake!  ask them to substantiate their coding and perhaps it is a misunderstanding?

**Eventually, if you do not report a mistake and it will (9 out of 10 times) come back to you as something the insurance will  not pay or that the co-pay is expected in volumes that are fraudulent due to the overbilling mistake.  You will be responsible for the balance which the insurance did not pay, if you do not scrutinize and say something to the medical staff.  See my links below for advice and assistance.

Here's what I look for when my EOB or healthcare summaries arrive:  
1)  confusing codes and abbreviations you don't understand
2)  Double billing either by same entity or comparable entity for same service
3)  Typos and/or arithmetic not adding up correctly (by accident of course)
4)  Charges for something the doctor did not order
5)  Padding charges to collect co-pays from the insurance company and then charging you as well
6)  Incorrect dates of service or stay in a hospital

When all is well with that particular date of service (can take a few weeks) you will be assured your co-pay is legitimate and you will be able to phone the billing department of the medical staff and make payments on your share...feeling confident you have not fallen victim to medical nonsense and economic greediness.

Here are 2 links you might find helpful:      for State Health Insurance Assistance Program, or SHIP

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Happy Trails, Happy Health.  and then there's poker.......


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Las Vegas is THE place to be this weekend..but buy a good sunscreen

Welcome, it is Saturday. LAS VEGAS:  My Home Owner's Association people never came back...maybe the incessant person read my blog. Las Vegas is the place to be this weekend, being Father's Day and's plenty hot, the resort pools are sparkling, the ice is in the glass...but before you go lay out in the sun, you need to slap on a good sunscreen.  I was reading up on the new sunscreen laws which were supposed to be passed this summer...I guess they were postponed until the end of the year?..because Manufacturer's said they couldn't make the new stuff fast enough?  Really?  not for our better health but because the MONEY loss to the companies making this stuff for months ahead of the season...apparently, there is a large stock of the stuff and they want to get rid of it first before they replace it with the new better health stuff?....need anymore proof FDA is a money generated rating factory up for grabs with more money?  In a nutshell, sunscreens aren't always keeping our best health in mind THIS summer.  To be safe, you have to look for sunscreens already complying with the new laws.  New rules:  (after the end of the year?) 1) Sunscreen labeled broad spectrum can only be marked if it passes tests against UVA and UVB;  2) Water resistant must state how long, 40 or 80 minutes;  3) no longer can claim sunscreen is waterproof or sweatproof;
and 4)  can no longer claim "sunblock".  Most sunscreens protect against sun BURN-UVB- but you also have to use one the works against SUN DAMAGE - UVA (cancer, wrinkles).  SPF 15 at a minimum, will block 93% of UVB; SPF 30 approximately 97%, so the difference is not significant enough to merit paying high dollars for the over SPF30.   Summary of a nutshell:   look for a BROAD SPECTRUM UVA and UVB, at least SPF15-30, apply 15 minutes before sun exposure with a handful of it so it soaks in.  SLIP SLOP SLAP.  Reapply every 2 hours, water or no water.  Of course, who's going to follower the rest of the suggestions, like wear a hat, extra clothing, and sit n the shade....that's just dumb--  unless you can find a lagoon in the shade or a hat that doesn't make you overheated...and a shirt that doesn't cover up your great swimsuit....Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, Uncles, grandfathers, brothers....I miss you dad and  never a day goes by that I don't think about you and your unselfishness.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Las Vegas Home Owner's Associations Suck

Just my luck.  I recently moved across town and into a small home.  I am very happy with the home, but have already been in trouble and targeted by the Home Owner's Association!  I can't believe a sweet natured person like myself, who minds her own business is breaking any rules at all.  Seems there is lady person who insists on talking with me personally--a note won't do?  She's been at my door twice this week.  I guess I am so egregious ?  that she harass me 15 minutes each time with incessant knocking and doorbell ringing?  I discussed this matter with my son.  We determined she must be upset at my placing rubber maid tubs on the porch (1) and am adding to it as I unpack?  Perhaps it is the light pole we put in the trash?  The large cardboard wardrobe boxes that sat alongside the cans last weekend?  the extra large cardboard box from the sewing cabinet I put together?  I am not sure, but she should know, if I open the door to talk with her, my German Shepherd, as mild nature as he is, once provoked for 15 minutes or at all by a doorbell and talked to from the outside of a window-will jump over me to get to her as she is now deemed unworthy in his eyes and an intruder...he can tell the difference and smell of this lady and her harassing behavior.  I cannot think that anyone in their right mind would stand at a door and incessantly ring the doorbell and knock for 15 minutes to welcome me to the neighborhood.  I have been here for 5 weeks now.  She didn't have brownies in her hands either.  Recently, on  one of the News shows Las Vegas, there was a feature segment and then link to these Home Owner Associations lawsuits as a good number of the main players in our valley/Nevada are being taken to court by the Federal government!!   I can only say, if this mystery woman is from an HOA, she needs to put a note on my door or send me a letter.  Standing at my door, harassing me to answer it, is paramount to assault on my property as I feel she is an intruder at the level she is emoting. In all my renting years, in my quiet retirement, in any of my volunteer work, I can't think of myself as breaking any laws.  I simply am taking a while to methodically unpack....and it is taking me longer due to disability.  Cardboard or goodwill items are normal, if this is the case.  I really would like to ask her though, "Who's taking the time to pull the weeds over in the empty lots or the sidewalk areas leading to the mailboxes?  How come you are not on your hands and knees taking care of your property assignment, picking up dog poop and are over here harassing me and my dogs to the level of me phoning 911?"  I am waiting for her, right now, as I write this shepherd is waiting on the floor, sound asleep.  If she comes over here tonight, I am calling 911 to say there is a crazy lady who has been harassing me.  She needs a lesson in humility because there are laws that protect me on my property and it includes anyone consistently harassing me, knocking and never leaving.  No matter who she is, why she's there, for all her snorting and peeing around and marking her territory, I can't think of anything I can or have done to merit this type of confrontation.   I am sure a police report could settle this.
Anyone else care to comment?  I am on facebook:

I'll be sure get back to you on the saga of the snorting and peeing mystery lady who stands outside my door, tormenting my dogs, and demanding I open the door....this is gonna end, one way or another.
My secret weapon.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Las Vegas is hot, but so is this Vegan purse!

Las Vegas was hot today.  Not just seasonally hot, like in July and August.  Hot as in "not ready" hot.  SOOO  hot the heels on my sandals melted into the road way, not much, but a little!!  They are now forever black where they used to be neutral color. So much for the pretty little white they are broken in.  Vegas style.  Did I mention the hottest item on the block right now is the Vegan purse?  Yes, I said Vegan purse~
100% organic.  Doesn't have any odor, I mean, it doesn't smell like a salad~

Gold is the color to show off, you can bring this brand new purse to any event this summer and don't forget to bring it out in the evening....what a great gift for the early Christmas thinkers....Christmas in June?  why not, I buy for Christmas and New Years all year.

The brand new Vegan gold clutch, called, Michelle, is out for bidding this weekend, in Ebay.  Better hurry if you are interested, the purse auction will close tomorrow night and it is the last one available.  Details are in the advertisement:

Good evening to all, gotta sure to check out my Facebook and virtual collectibles store

BWs Recollections CEO returns to the scene....

Good morning to all.  After the long Memorial Weekend, I have returned to organize my virtual collectibles items.  The Corelle dinnerware is located in it's very own area:  Quilt Corelle, Callaway Corelle, Winding Gate Platter, Blue Fleur Corelle Dinner Plates, and many more.   The Sakura, Malaga salad plate is now kept with the Oneida Majestic, Shadow salad plates.  My personal favorite salad plates, Sea N' Sand by Churchill England hotelware are wrapped and ready for shipping. The Cades Cove Collection, with it's green lattice work design and pretty apples are now sitting on their personal shelf.  Cades Cove dinner plates, Cades Cove salad plates, and cups saucers are all in mint condition.  They recovered from the move due to my mothering instincts to use lots of bubble wrap! The pre-1979 Bavaria dinnerware, Jaeger & Co. PMR, pattern Rambling  Rose looks so very pretty on their own shelf too:  Rambling Rose dinner plates, Rambling Rose salad plates, Rambling Rose Gravy Boat and more set the stage for a Mid-Century eye candy experience.  PMR, with it's white porcelain, gold trim, and delicate pink floral design is awesome to see together.  Of course, I have clear crystal cordials, a champagne flute for the New Millennium year 2000, and Coca Cola Holly Hobbie glass (collectible) to add diversity to my store.  Beanie Babies Ty Righty and Ty Lefty are sitting and ready to ship off during our political season this summer.  Of course, the Cuddle Knit Vintage Sweater, Milrank Sweater, and Wilroy Traveler are all vintage sweaters and are being kept in very sealed boxes, now located on the shelves.
If you like small collectibles, generous prices,  and would like to see some of these items and more, please visit BWs Recollections at: