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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BUSY BUSY New Year 2014

Should I say, HAPPY NEW YEAR?  sometime ago! what have I been doing where 5 months passed without me blogging?  Family.  In a nutshell, FAMILY.  And then there's BUSINESS.  Two entirely different animals. 

Mom came to Henderson last fall and we have been very busy all over Las Vegas.  Have I taken pictures? nope.  For once in my life, I didn't spend one minute snapping pictures and inconveniencing everyone around me...strange but true.  (maybe a couple of pics)

We have visited the Bellagio, had lunch at the Boulder City Hotel, spent a birthday at a buffet in the Aquarius , Laughlin, spent hours perusing through antique shops and thrift stores for treasures to collect. 

If you ever get the chance, you must visit Boulder City downtown, and don't forget the plaza....Brenda's Boutique is to die for (no, this is not my store) best little shop around, fair prices too......

We had a two day garage sale, sold mom's big furniture, and I was able to off-load some of my things....who knew Las Vegas collectibles would sell better in Las Vegas????? guess I"ll be starting over on that collection!

We have been visited by my daughter and new husband only to say good-bye as they started a new life in New York. Visited by grand children and their spouses, in-laws and out-laws.....we have been keeping Caesar's Pizza on Lake Mead Blvd and the Boulder Highway very busy!  ( I don't cook if I don't have to.)

We have had to visit numerous medical disciplines as mom transferred all her medical records...and had the good news she is as healthy as a 20 yr old.  She's a trooper.

In all,  I have been galloping around the Valley and noticing many changes in the skyline...the Observation Wheel doesn't fit if you ask me, but who am I to looks ridiculous...but so do my feet and I have to use them...guess we have to get used to that ugly round thing sticking up on the strip....

Gotta run, here's a pic of mom and me at Aquarius in Laughlin for her birthday brunch....a very nice buffet and has everything you might want or need...looking out over the river....a  very nice family affair!

Here's one of our garage sale! We were setting up, so there is more in was HUGE.

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