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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Las Vegas Fremont Street and Vintage Nostalgia

It's that time of year again, family and friends pack their swimsuits, flip flops, sunscreens, and bring their "party side" Las Vegas.  I guess I take it for granted because I live on the outskirts and see the strip every trip I make outside my home.  I literally can see the outline of the new strip and I think I am used to it...but for my family, it remains a city of lights and intrigued, Vintage and modern flair, excitement and, I am the honorary guide at least once a year.

This year was a bit different!  I actually LOVED visiting Fremont Street!  Visiting on one of the hottest and record breaking days of the year in June, my daughter and son-in-law came to visit and we all went to Fremont Street, the old Vegas...

WOW, how fun was that?  New songs and patterns on the electric show ceiling canopy, new costume mimics, young dancing talent, a new and extended chair slide which sits above the length of the strip....snakes? we saw snakes...and people painting, drawing, dancing, singing, were just a few of the bits of entertainment available.  All for free.

We walked along Fremont Street to attend a new bar placed outside which served slushee slurpee daiquiri type drinks with dancing bartenders in bikinis....we pawed over t=shirts, feathers, jewelry, postcards and we were completely surprised by the various creatures, costumes, and bands playing, often we ducked inside the Vintage Casinos to cool was a perfect night with so much fun I felt so guilty that I had not experienced it previous to my family's visit!  What's wrong with me anyway?

Fremont Street Las Vegas is a lot of fun, bottom line.  You can visit for a couple of hours while spending little to no money, every form of entertainment and people watching can go on for can get a sense of shock and awe at the light show at the same time feel the Vintage spirit which has been encapsulated within the length of this magnificent and exciting venue.  The hotel resort rooms are updated, clean, and among the best rates in Las Vegas.

If you visit Las Vegas, you MUST visit Fremont Street for the full effects of Las Vegas...without visiting old town Fremont Street, you would be missing out on the full appreciation of past and current which was put together artfully, carefully, and is possibly the best one stop entertainment spot in the whole United States...or at least that is my opinion....

here's a little local secret:
locals say the payout odds are much better on Fremont Street....won't you share YOUR story if you visit?  take care  -=brenda

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Package and Ship Fenton Petticoat Ruffled Comport and Vase

Ok, so you have just sold your large Vintage Fenton Comport and you are bitter-sweet happy!! As you congratulate yourself on a great seller's campaign social media quest, you go to wrap it up--and you quickly realize you forgot to add shipping and handling supplies!!  Darn, and THEN you realize your wholesale bubble wrap supplies are very low and the next best thing is the big box store at $16.97 a small roll....and then as you deflate and your bitter-sweet turns to DARN you realize selling your Vintage Fenton just sucks sometimes.  BUT, I have a solution I want to share with you!!!
Not that any of the above has ever happened to me, I did just have this little rear-end saving solution I devised a few years ago--and had to use again this week....
* I always keep a small stash of thin cardboard boxes on hand for emergencies.
1)  I wrap my comport or vase completely with tissue
2) I fold a small Priority USPS box in half or other pliable cardboard
3) Place my comport upside down so the ruffles are completely covered flat wise by the cardboard.
4) Fold over the remaining edges of the board around the ruffles and tape up  over the sides
5) Depending on the size of the comport, you may use 2 or 3 boxes bringing the cardboards sides up
6) I wrap bubble wrap around them two ways, but if I did not have bubble wrap, I could mail without it and use newspaper because the cardboard covered all sides protecting the ruffles.
7)  I am sure to soften the surrounding vase with all it's wrap into a box with at least an inch on all sides
I am sure all of you have your own double box systems (which I almost always use) or something similar and this information is not new to you.  BUT I have to tell you, the other day I ordered 3 glass and porcelain items from an experienced(?)  seller for my personal collection of Vintage Lefton and Fenton, barely covered with newspaper and thrown in with each other and a bunch of old peanuts...Needless to say, the Lefton 2 tier dish was chipped. The other items arrived safely only by the grace of my guardian angels.
Even if you do not have a box that will fit in another box (double box system) perhaps you have a box you can cut to use in the manner I have described, if not- use the small USPS boxes but be sure to use the USPS service as a token of appreciation. 
Of course, I always use Priority mail, either Med, Large, or generic Priority boxes with labels from home.
 I used 3 for this comport (pictured above)

Here's the finished product put in with ruffles down, packed with newspaper for shock absorption and will go out Priority mail, USPS.

It is far better to get creative with your supplies and use what is on hand than to throw something into a box and pray.  If you don't have the correct supplies, perhaps you can cut up a smaller box and use the regular box anyway!!
It is so nice to read a feedback statement, "Awesome seller! Packaged well! Will use this seller again! AAAA++++"
THAT is the payment I really want to see in my bank of scores of which I am collecting...100% feedback and counting...
take care
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Friday, June 7, 2013

BWs Vintage Collectibles Figurine Samples

Lots of Vintage Figurines in BWs Vintage Collectibles''s a sampling of what you might find: