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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Vintage Culver Glass Ltd Valencia Double Old Fashioned 12 oz Glasses (4)

Vintage Culver Glass Ltd Valencia Double Old Fashioned 12 oz Glasses (4)

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Car Key Problems in Las Vegas...what not to do

It happened last Saturday (before this one).  I was running late to an estate sale.  I decided to stop by the bank and get some more know...I had a feeling I was going to need it for the sale....and I was so organized, I pulled up to the curve....walked over (no this bank does not have a drive-thru)...and got my cash.  I should say I finally got my cash...I was standing in line for a little while...with cash in hand, I scurried over to my car.  Hit the key fab to let myself in~~
nuthin.  nuthin happened.  I hit it again.  Still nuthin.  I physically tried to open the back door...nuthin but locked....I hit the key fab again.   I could hear the unlocking...and the beeping....but darn, the door just stayed locked.  I tried the doors again and again.  Locking unlocking locking can only imagine me standing there trying to figure out why (if the battery went dead) would the sounds of the locking and unlocking and beeping happen?  With cash in one hand (I was going to get to my car and stash it in my secret hiding place) my purse started to slip down my arm in hopelessness.....darn.  (actually, that's not what I really muttered) My mind started to race about where my auto insurance card was placed these days....I tried to unlock my car again and again...for seemed like an eternity.
What really bothered me was the beeping was coming from the other side of my car....that was so weird.  I started to try to unlock the door with my car resort.  It just wasn't working at all.....I was totally frustrated.......then I had the idea that if the horn worked the trunk oughta work, so I tried to open the idea was to go through the trunk and crawl through the seats.....but to my despair, it didn't open...................I was about ready to cry and I was so embarrassed --I decided I really hated my car, only hating it mildly before this fiasco.....
I stupidly went back to listening to the horn.......and I walked around the car to the place where the horn was honking.........
lo and was the car next to my car!!!!!!
and it had the trunk wide open, all the lights were on, the horn was honking, the whole thing was blinking.....and then I flashed that I must have taken someone else's keys somehow.......look what I was doing to their car!!!!  Where are my keys?  I checked the ones in my hand...they seemed to be my keys......?
and then it occurred to me.......OMG.  I was trying to get into someone else's car the whole time....the car next to mine was actually MY CAR.......
Can you imagine someone in the bank watching this??????????
I mean, I stood there for like 10 minutes...before I figured it out.  No wonder the key fab didn't work, no wonder the trunk wouldn't open, no wonder the key wouldn't unlock it.....IT WASN"T MY CAR.  
The really stupid part?  I didn't notice it wasn't my car for like 10 minutes or an eternity, whichever was longer....
I am never going back to that bank or pet store again.  And you can be darn sure NEXT time the key fab doesn't work, I'll be checking to see if I actually am at the right car......
geeeeesh..........and this was one of my good days.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Shoppes at the Palazzo

The fall season is here in the Las Vegas Valley.  The usual autumn trees are almost non-existent; however, what dots our desert in non-typical autumn colors are flowering Lantana, Bottle Brush bushes, various Cactus Prickly Pears, and yes, the devious yellow Ragweed....all tell locals fall is here.  Our days are still warm to most visitors; however, to the locals, it is cooling down, which means we get to spend time outdoors without melting.  We get to start moving around, visiting our casinos, museums, and shops.  To move from the house into a 135 degree car to drive 15 minutes to a shopping mall on the strip just doesn't have appeal until the fall.  I, for one, am very glad it is finally here.  One of the things I love to do in the fall is visit The Strip.  As a local, I can take my time, visit any day I choose, move in and out of shops, of parking garages, without sweating my makeup off.  Naturally, to get me in the mood, I pick up the newspaper.  Well, actually, I go to my computer and look up the recent articles.  What peaked my interest was an article about a cute shop called Bauman Rare Books located in the Shoppes at the Palazzo in the Mandalay Bay.  Apparently, they have created a small sectional display inside the store commemorating past U.S. Presidents! Of course, me being a Vintage and Antique enthusiast, I must attend to see for myself.  I will offer pictures if allowed, after my visit.  I would love to share with you US President's items and to share a little Antiquarian enlightenment.   Here's is the website I found if you would like to know more, perhaps would like to pick up a rare book or two........ maybe you will visit before I do and drop me a line!  I'll check back with ya'll later.......-=brenda    BWs Vintage Collectibles (and more!)

While I was checking out Bauman's, I linked The Shoppes at the Palazzo too, just in case you were wanting to line up a great shopping venue, either for locals or visitors!  The Shoppes at the Palazzo......when there you feel very important!!  very rich that place.

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Here's a little authentic vintage cuff bracelet by Tommy Lowe, Navajo, New Mexico, I found at an estate sale...and wow is it good quality, Signed. Kingman Mine turqouise.  Sterling Silver. 6"