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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hard Rock Living it up Las Vegas

I wrote a blog last week about my kids (all grown but always have the same name, "kids") having a great time on the Strip.  Being local does have it's advantages!!!   It is so great to just drive 15 minutes and be in the middle of all the excitement.  I can see the strip from where I live, and every time I head to the post office, to the grocery store, or to Boulder City.  It is so great to go out Saturdays to the various Estate Sales and Moving sales and have the Strip in the background.  I'll have to show you some of my finds, but before I do that, check out (one of) the pools in the Hard Rock, Las Vegas.  My daughter snapped this pic a few days a go, in August.  Isn't it great?  And the room?  GREAT.  Only $79 a night, I missed the $49 special....darn.

Pre-drank Hard Rock Cafe Chicago Hurricane Glass, 24 oz.

Get ready for Christmas early for the best selections! Build A Bear, SHE has 5 sayings when you squeeze a front paw!!

"Letters to Santa" Harley Rider

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BWs Vintage Collectibles

Monday, August 13, 2012

Las Vegas Fremont Street Lights...Camera....No action

Whah.  That's all I've got to say.  Ever been politely uninvited to the most happenin' place in Las Vegas?   Well.....I was.  Imagine this:  Family is in town.  Long lost daughter I gave up on for weeks because she never answers my texts....and her fiance...visiting, here, Henderson or Las Vegas (for most of you know that City so well).  Me, sitting at home, with full makeup and beautifully done hair...just waiting....and waiting...took a nap....and waited some more.   Text, I finally get one, my daughter and her fiance text and ask if I can pick them up and 'we' can go to Fremont, Old strip.   Me, excited, ready in less than 5 minutes and out the door..Don't care if it is 10:00pm......I pick them up, we get gas (that's a whole other story cause I have a locking gas cap....) and I drive the speed limit of 65mph the entire 15 miles...for me, is an eternity....laughing and having a great time, we cracks jokes like there is no tomorrow....Boy, how'd I get so, anticipating fun...and funny, I don't feel my vintage age.....I drive them around the best wedding chapel on 4th and Gass, show them the drive-thru wedding menu...took I drive a little closer to the Golden Nugget.....I kept talking about their new upgrades and the shark pool, etc....but I kept hearing in the back recesses of my mind....someone saying, "you can drop us off here"   "just drop us off here mom'   but while I was talking, I drove up to the ticket window and was issued a ticket....I was so excited..... and kept talking....but out of a movie, a God like voice entered my ears and rang into my head....a woman's voice "mom, now you are going to have to pay for dropping us off!!  why did you do that?"     'You could have dropped us off at the door and saved money..."  then it hit me.......the "WE" in the text I received at home was "THEM" and I was pretty quick for a save as I said, "no way, I'm going with you!!"   well, after that volley of the ball hit the net, another play came at me, "mom, we're going to stay out really late, you won't want to be out that late..." and then came a spike that won a point, "Mom, of course if you want to stay out for 3 or 4 hours...." what could I do at that point? How, I did what any uninvited gracious host and taxi cab driver would do, drove out of the parking lot (explained my error to the parking attendant who let me out for free) went over to the front door, and dropped off my "children" son was with them too.  It occurred to me, the new generation is up and running and I am gradually moving towards the middle....I guess I am Mid-Century.  I suppose it is fitting my favorite hobby of collecting small Vintage and Mid-Century smalls and putting them back into circulation has developed into something that keeps me so busy....I hardly gave it a thought that ALL my children were grown....when did that happen and how did that happen? So, the next morning my Mid-Century body was feeling well rested and ready to rock the estate sales.....while all the "kids" were nursing hangovers and unders.....heh heh lol lol.......yep, my age is showing and boy, I need to send them all a 'thank you' for uninviting me to the party!!!!!   Whooooo, dodged a bullet there.  Come visit and see the fantastic finds this weekend!!   No estate sales, darn, but did make it to several moving sales.....have any youngsters and hate to pay the new prices on helmets, gloves, blades? come visit for great early, Christmas is coming......visit my virtual store for lots of great things...
BWs Vintage Collectibles

FLY Youth Medium #606

FLY Large #606

Mizuno 12" Youth Powerlock

Walborg, Made in Japan, hand beaded

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Las Vegas is poppin this time of year!

Las Vegas is poppin' this time of year!  One trip to the Strip to visit my nephew and his wife, reminds me how "lucky" I am.  My luck isn't a winnings from a Blackjack table or a Roulette wheel, or even from a Poker luck is a BLESSING my higher power (God) has given me.  Although my trip down to the strip strikes me as awesome every time I visit, I realize the wealth and volume of history this Valley holds in its hot lava flow from the Mirage or the hot but shaded Cabanas at the Bellagio is appreciated from a more personal and thankful heart.  For all the days I have are sometimes filled with limited physical accomplishments, I only need to remember one thing:   God put me here, in this place, to enjoy the warm weather, to view the magnificent Lantana landscaping and Palm trees, and to meet people from all walks of life, all cultures, countries, faiths, and personalities I never would have imagined to include in my daily life.   The blessings to be living in such a wonderful resort city is far more than I could or will ever be blessed with and I am so thankful to be here, no matter how hot it gets outside.  Each Friday and Saturday I explore estate sales and moving sales for vintage treasure,  it has always been a hobby of mine to do so.  Little did I imagine, almost 10 years ago, I would be able to combine my hobby with the meeting and sharing of so many people from so many walks of life.  My community is made of individuals and families who have come to Las Vegas to strike their fortunes, buy cheap homes, own property, to educate their children, to find 24/7 work.  The pace is set what you want it to be.  Today, when I am out and about treasure seeking for Vintage and Mid-century items to hold and admire, I will be extra blessed to talk with the people of my home.  The people coming and going, listening to them about their journeys and (hopefully) good fortunes....each piece of inventory I find holds a little piece of my meeting with the previous families....some items have been in a family for over 50 years, some pieces since high school days, some pieces have traveled (by covered wagon, lol) SUVs and vans to rest and retire...some pieces are deemed useless and discarded...but I always feel blessed to hold a precious coffee cup and saucer or to clean and polish a cobalt blue glass freshen up a lonely bear or to display the piece into my personal glass collection.  Las Vegas is a blessed place and is beautiful to me, not only for its pretty flashing lights and entertainment, but for the place I have been blessed to live.  Treasure hunting in the Las Vegas Valley has never meant more to me....for many many reasons.  Now, off to the hunting......

 Mary Kay Austrian Crystal Brooch and Pendant!  (I have been told it is Mary Kay)
Libbey 1960s Silver Leaf water glass

ca1960s Anchor Hocking Fire King Casserole dish Meadow Green

ca 1928-32 Strayer Upton Arithmetic Reader State of Georgia

ca 70s

Old Town Blue Salad Plate