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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Father's Day. Hug a man day.

Father's Day is a special day which father's secretly hold close to their hearts...I know this for a fact!

Although father's are busy working for their family's welfare, struggling daily to make ends meet, they are paying attention to the hulabaloo of the day or the entire weekend....Don't let them fool you.....tough guys feel responsible for the entire family unit...their hearts are soft...which is what drives them to work so hard to make everyone happy in the family...but especially his children......Patriarchs is what they are called and it is not an easy job!

A Patriarch is someone who is the head of the clan, group, or family.  The strong leader and head of household, the Patriarch generally is the strongest figure in the unit. Most all males defer to the head of the family in moments of heightened challenges; most females will respect and love them for their knowledge, abilities, and wisdom in times of fear, pain, broken hearts, and even nurturing....dads are cool and need to be shown...

Every Father's Day, in the early morning, as a dad wakes to the morning sunrise, there is a hopeful anticipation of what the day will bring....not in monetary gifts or gain, but in how much love is shared, shown, or given by his children.  Every father's measure of his self-worth is vulnerable on the one day of the year he is honored. The tough guy is very sensitive on this day....maybe more so than mother's are on their special day...Dad's don't ask for love. Dad's don't ask for a hug most days...Dad's are like a fixture that is SUPPOSED to be there for us....and we can take them for granted....

On Father's Day, I encourage everyone to make time--a lot of time--to visit your father, phone your father, bake for your father, love and hug your father...tell him how much he is loved, appreciated, adored, and how you acknowledge his strength day after day.

My father has passed on,--this is the 10th year anniversary and it hurts a great deal, still, to this day.  This one day hurts even more than any other day of the year because the day meant so much to him.....under his tough exterior was a big huggie bear...days and nights of worry and silent tears...the hell I put him through!

I always thought I would have moments with him to tell him all my heartfelt thanks..but I did not have the opportunity. He passed and then he was gone.  My memories of my dad are all great memories and I hope like heck he can hear my heart.

I leave you with this advice:  Love your dad next weekend. Call your dad next weekend. Celebrate his strength, his caring (and old-fashioned) ways. Dads work so hard and deserve to be put on a least for one day!

Inside the tough exterior, the little boy inside loves nothing more than the kind words or soft touch you can bring to him.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads, those acting as dad's, single mom's who are the dads....uncles, brothers, sons....we have them all in our families...and they are all deserving to be called our heros...our John Waynes.

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