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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dashing through The Bellagio Las Vegas

Christmas Day is in 4 days or 3 evenings; the tree is full of dancing lights, stockings, personal cards, and well wishes from family and friends. Packages are gathering underneath in various array of colors and designs; upon the bright shiny bows are reflections of all the dancing lights.

Although, dashing through the snow for me the last 10 years has been somewhat a figment of my recollections, dashing through the neon lights of the #Las Vegas Boulevard -otherwise known as 'the strip'-is something of a no-brainer for a local during this most celebrated holiday!

This year, THIS year--my dash among the neon lights includes my mother.  Recently a narrowing escape from California, I fondly introduce her as a refugee from California....together we visited the #Bellagio gardens -- It did not disappoint.

Together we waltzed into the atrium to a sight of the most beautiful scene of winter wonderland.  We walked through the snow globe area into a make believe snow flurry flanked by wooden soldiers...and on the other side of this flurry, was the most beautifully decorated tree so huge, it was amazing at the thought of how it was brought in...amazing to think  how many hours were spent meticulously placing all the ornaments...but the trains!!  The trains whisked around the tree in their own little train world, among Poinsettias and Evergreens, over bridges, hills and dales--an occasional whistle topped off the storybook railways...  MUST SEE.........!

Not to be missed, was the full size Bellagio chocolate gingerbread house! Hard to believe, the entire house was made of chocolate.  I thought I might have died and went to chocolate heaven....before our eyes, were flying reindeer pulling a life-size sleigh also covered in some semblance of chocolate....for mom and I, the Christmas scene allowed us a little bit of child-like laughter, a minute or two of amazement and wonderment.....

the polar bears floating amid ice blocks and sharing their world with us added a dimension of playful joy as we pointed to the carnations, hundreds of them, which decorated each figure....(several floating).......

Christmas in #LasVegas at the #Bellagio is going to be a tradition of ours from here forward. Christmas in Las Vegas MUST be a dash among the neon lights...because we have no snow!!!

The presents have all been purchased and wrapped, the tree is decorated to it's full capacity, my house is over-packed with cabinets and chairs moved out of the way, my scale is put away until some time after the first of the year--lots of time I might add.

I have written and lost at least a dozen lists, I have declared "finished" a million and one times, I have added gifts to forgotten friends (I affectionately call "whoops" presents) and I have eaten two bags of chips promising to replace them....

At the end of the day, I am reminded Christmas is in 4 days or 3 can't get here fast enough...or is here too soon?....but however it comes, whenever it comes, it will be welcome....I can honestly say, Christmas for me, is every day with my mother as my cohort....and as soon as this Christmas has passed, I will be the first one shopping the clearance sales for next Christmas!!  and the both of us swearing off chocolates...and chips.

A MUST VISIT destination for your holiday pleasure...and it's FREE!!
Bellagio Gardens

Merry Christmas to all and try not to touch that chocolate house!! (almost impossible)
Cheers.  -=BW

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