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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bling Bling Las Vegas shows no signs of slowin' down....

Earlier this week, my niece and her husband came to visit. It was a short stay and it was capped off with the last evening a trip to the Las Vegas Strip....I stayed home mind you....

A short trip went into a 4 hour journey to discover the Treasure Island Pirate ship is currently being defended by Bikini clad women and the walking among the other tourists is like swimming upstream for a Salmon who is spawning....a fight to the finish is the better man who lives after ALL THAT. Tired, exhausted for the most part, they eventually made their way to the Henderson area for rest and respite.

The last morning, during breakfast of peanut butter pancakes and apple juice, I was shocked to hear how many people were still visiting Las Vegas this time of year!  I would think it a crossed off destination as the school has started in many states across America.

Las Vegas, I suppose, is the convention center of the universe and is a main booking destination for many huge companies and training seminar ventures.  It is not only a destination for sitting by the pool in the summer, it is a destination where you are allowed to play inside or outside or both year round.

With children in tow or with grown children partying with you to celebrate a 50 yr anniversary...there is plenty of magic left in Las Vegas...whether school comes or goes, you can always count on the Las Vegas Strip to arouse your senses, burn your toes from walking long distances, or gently take your hard earned cash....and that is all before you get out of the hotel....

Here's my locals tip for the month: 
Buffet prices are great at the Fiesta in Henderson, so is the nightly stay.  $29.00????
who has a room for $29.00?  and a 2 for 1 buffet for $8.99?

A short drive from downtown Las Vegas, a quick jaunt over the 215 East, and you will be at the Fiesta enjoying an old fashioned local casino and old fashioned prices which made this area famous....

There are no signs of slowin down this fall for Las Vegas.  If you are waiting to give us a call, try calling before the holidays! Prices are enticing, and especially the Fiesta Resort and Casino in Henderson, you will thoroughly enjoy your stay.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

National Night Out Tonight August 6, 2013!!

It couldn't be a more perfect night to enjoy a visit to your local community park where your Police Department and Emergency Services may be holding an awareness informational interacting night for the entire family.  SWAT teams show off their latest heavy metal vehicles and robots, Motorcycles are lined up and are shined to perfection, hot dog meals and ice cream are served...all to the band sounds of various local musicians...

Boulder City, Downtown Henderson, Las Vegas Boulder Highway & Tropicana and half dozen other locations are presently open to the public absolutely free.

Personally, I take this night, The National Night Out event held across America, to thank as many officers, paramedics, firefighters, State Troopers, any and every sanctioned personnel for their service to my welfare.  Without our emergency crews, we might not be able to sleep as faithfully when the skies turn dark...or have hope when we are stranded on the roadways...sigh of relief when our loved ones need medical attention and transport...or when our homes are burning......I thank them all.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like the hot dogs too.  Free ice cream is always welcome by me!  but seriously, I go to thank my heros.

THANK YOU to my first and second responders...and to all the responders far and wide, to those in dispatches, those support staff members, and to our service people in general....THANK YOU...and I can't forget the K-9s....I love them too.

GOD BLESS and may the angels always be guarding over you.

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