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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July in Las Vegas

Wow, it's hot here.  Add some humidity, maybe 24%, and we are melting down. The trim on my car has melted and pulled away from my window.  It is so hot, the water bottle I keep in my car has leaked all over the passenger side seat.... I can make hot tea with it. 107 degrees is a cold snap. Seriously.  We get excited if the temp goes under 110. 

But today, one of the hottest 4ths on record, hundreds and thousands of us will go out INTO the furnace of the desert to celebrate our freedom.  I am not sure how much celebration I can take maybe one second....but I will be thinking of you out there.  I'm going out after the sun goes down for sure though....

As I watch the various news shows, I am glad to see an issue still present but unsettled to this day...for over 200 years it remains the overriding theme.....FREEDOM

Independence Day comes with a sense of freedom; however, we are all required to operate ourselves, businesses, relationships, and some everyday tasks within the confines of our laws and regulations.  We must remember throughout this day and others, to be thankful for what we have, what we have accomplished as a Nation and "free world". 

Freedom is not kept by fighting about which laws are right or wrong-freedom is kept or maintained by each of us striving to keep check on ourselves so we do not take advantage of this freedom and inserting what we typically want it to be to our personal lives. 

No document is perfect.  No law is perfect.  No ONE person or GROUP is responsible for the past, present or future.  
Freedom can only be felt by letting go of hatred, envy, and intolerance to gain perspective and love for ourselves, neighbors, and Country. 
You can only be free if your heart and head agree.  You cannot be free if your heart is heavy.
Let freedom ring today in our hearts and minds...and may we continue to be blessed by each of our Higher Powers. 
Feel freedom today, love today, that is my hope, wish, and prayer for us all. 
Happy 4th of July.
BWs Vintage Collectibles

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