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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning in Las Vegas

It's that time of year that I notice my carpets are dirty.  It's that time of year my windows on the house look like that of a cruise ship and they are portals with all those spots...and that's on the inside!!  It's that time of year I like to repaint a room, reorganize my glassware, buy new plates, take things to Goodwill and reassess my New Year's Resolution.  THIS year is the year I add a little more to my spring cleaning list:  cleaning out my virtual online collectibles store.  I have learned much about my hobby of collecting Vintage small collectibles, I have traveled many a road, had tons of adventure, and I have met lots of wonderful kind-hearted people.  One thing that really excites me is my itch for the niche to find more and more of the Las Vegas souvenirs, items Vintage and items new or Vintage Rising as The Vintage Village Community friends have labeled items not quite 20 yrs old...I am thrilled to find wine glasses from Casinos of yesteryear, ashtrays from Resort Lounges, and plush for the children left behind with spring cleaning is full swing and BWs Vintage Collectibles has sprung into action with several lots of China put into auction and mark downs on many of the Las Vegas Collectibles are front and center. I always used to think Spring Cleaning was such a horrible thing....but I know now, with my hobby of collecting Vintage, Spring Cleaning is just the beginning of my SUMMER MADNESS for more adventures and blogs to come....
-=brenda   BWs Vintage Collectibles

Corelle ca 1970 Spring Blossom Dinner Plates Lot of 10 at auction

Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas,

HURRY for your best selections before the Memorial Day Weekend!   -=brenda

Monday, May 6, 2013

Divine Intervention in Las Vegas (Henderson)

It has been a long while since my last blog.  I've been so busy, busy, busy.
I wanted to take a moment to blog out a confirmation story; something we could all use as a reminder of a higher power or presence in our daily lives.  Sometimes the little things mean so much:

For about 3 weeks, I had been hunting for Vintage brooches with silver or platinum metal and clear stones, prefered stone was Aurora Borealis or Crystals (on the cheap) baby daughter- now in her mid-30s- is having a June wedding and needed more brooches for her jewelry bouquet.  Frustrated, of course, estate after estate sale, everything was so expensive...for seemingly days and days, I thought I was going to have tell my daughter I was failing miserably....every website, every moving or estate sale, seemed I was one step away or after the lady "who got there first" before me....but having tons of faith, although not thinking even my higher power could help me with this situation.......I only vaguely prayed a somewhat happenstance prayer while driving Saturday morning to a sale.....actually forgetting my faith along the way along the it unfolded.....

Practicing my Christian faith religiously, often, I practice at home in my daily life while listening to Joyce Meyer and I fill my Sunday mornings with Joel Osteen.  Little did I know, my small happenstance prayer on Saturday morning would be heard in the most profound way-------

Rolling up to an estate sale late in the morning, I almost didn't get out of the car.  I felt like driving past it as it looked pretty much picked over.  With old beat up 8 tracks and VHS tapes, old shelving and the like, I did get out but cursed under my breath what a waste of my time looking in a place like this for brooches......!!!!

Walking slowly but resolutely, there would be nothing for my daughter's bouquet, I soon found myself inside the garage and noticed 3 very nice older ladies commenting on local happenings of the day, and I commented back. Eventually, I edged out as I had cleared the tables and looked right over the old suites and robes, etc.....but something struck me, I needed to give the largest table another look. Usually, I do not revisit a sale's items...Once cleared, I'm gawn......with a big G.......

Strolling over to the largest table, it felt hand moved out and right there in front of me was nothing but a pile of rubbish jewelry.....but right in the middle of it was a beautiful 3 1/2" wide by 2" wide pin, brooch, in colors of red marquis, pink rhinestones, 60 stones all together and 10 pearls...beautiful. Completely intact!!

Stiffening myself before I turned it over to see the price, I held my breath as well.  AND THERE IT WAS, the price.  

WHAT????????   $1.00      ???????  

A stroke of luck hit me and I almost fell over or fainted.  Never giving up my poker face, I calmly picked it up and asked a bit of information about was one of the lady's grandmother's pin.....and wow, was it beautiful.....

and just as luck would have it, I took one last glance at the books.....books?  me?
well, and there he was:  Joel Osteen "Your Best Life Now", hardback.  Like new condition....and when I picked it up, it was with a  50 cent price.

and as I was commenting to the nice ladies about my Christian faith and how I had loved Joel Osteen's sermons...and how I had always wanted this book but could not afford it.....they told me to give them $1.00 and call it, they gave me the book!!

As I drove away, my first thought was, "wow, what a lucky break!!" and "Man, what luck!!"  but as I reached the main road, it hit me--this was not luck, it was DIVINE INTERVENTION.

God answered my prayer even when I only whispered it, before I prayed (what I thought) an insignificant selfish prayer.....that God would not care about such trivial things as Vintage jewelry bouquets.......and I confirmed the undercurrent of Higher Power intervention.  My lucky break was actually another Divine Intervention at a time I needed it the most......the way it was confirmed was even more was like God handed me the book as a special sign and confirmation to me, "I am watching over you and your family".

The moral I wanted to share with you is this: no matter what religion you are or need to have, you only need to ask and you will receive guidance and peace.  No matter how big or how small...sometimes answers take a long time!!  and sometimes, they take but a half an hour.... or 3 your Higher Power and have faith...for everything in your life...even if just to show you the next estate or moving sale stop.

In today's stressful news media, bullies at schools, aggressive drivers, angry neighbors, and uncertain employment, it is good to know there can be a certain level of peace in the middle of it all...if you only take the time to utter the words and feel the blessings....

take care ya'll.    -=brenda

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