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Monday, March 18, 2013

How to take care of Spring time weeds in Las Vegas

Well, it's been quite a winter in Las Vegas.  Winter does exist here, although some-what mild and forgetful.  After a week visiting relatives in Sacramento, California  (lots of BBQs and birthday cakes) I returned to my little nesty townhouse on the proverbial border of Henderson and Las Vegas. I live in Henderson; however, Las Vegas Metro will come out to an emergency call...that's after the dispatchers fight over who controls this address and street...I digress...I noticed the Spring weeds cropping up.  It had been a week since I tended them, so I cannot honestly say they popped up overnight!...I had a decision to make:  use weed killer or pull them?  What a quandary, after a trip to the local pesticide department, I determined the old Round-Up I used last year would suffice and I immediately determined the expiration date was just fine.  Spending money on weeds is like me passing up chocolate's not gonna happen.  And to heck with pulling them...too much work.  In the depth of the night (9 pm my bedtime) I strategized to soak the enemy weeds at a time when no wind was apparent. I sprayed old Round-Up over every leaf, every stem, and then I did it again.  Mightily armed with my gallon of expired weed killer and it's gun in the opposite hand, I was secretive, stealthy, and calculating.  In the dark of the night, I sprayed down all the weeds lurking in the shadows and even those bits of crab grass where only Heaven knows where it came from.  There is no grass here, so how the heck crab grass grows here is a mystery.  I digress....again...

Fully satisfied and with my mission accomplished when the gallon of spray ran out, I called it a night and went to wash up.

Excuse me, I guess I thought it would work overnight. The next morning, it looked the same to me.  While drinking my coffee, I surveyed the situation, ran to the empty container and noticed the killing process might take a week?  WHAT?  I gotta look at this crap for another week while it turns colors?

So, there I was, at 6 a.m., pulling weeds out from under all those stupid little scraggly rocks...
and came to a conclusion: pulling the darn weeds is cheaper, healthier and gives immediate results. Never mind the embarrassment I experienced when my neighbor, while leaving for work, left me with this one memory which is burned into my brain, "can you pull mine too?"  boy, I left a clear line right up to his property...and that's where HIS weeds lol        -=brenda