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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from Las Vegas

On most mornings, after I let the dogs out, feed them, then let them out again, I sit down with my well-earned cup (s) of coffee.  Today?   Same thing.  Nothing different.  I did want to send out a blog how thankful I am for my children, the grandkids, my hobby and social friends....I don't know what in the world we or I used to do without Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or unlimited minutes for a detached phone!!  Everyone I love is only a voicemail away.  By today's standard, leaving a message or email is the same as a contact, so I am going to leave messages around the family, send out my blogs and facebook messages and consider myself done.  I hope you too, have an opportunity to send out messages, reminding others you are thinking of them.  Valentine's Day is not only a day to receive goodies...but a day to remember all those who we love, why we love them, and the many shades of pink or red can be applied as one magical thankful day of lightness, laughing, and remembering special moments, blogs, pictures, endearing and comforting words by others...
Have a very wonderful Valentine's Day everyone!   -=Brenda  BWs Vintage Collectibles

Chocolate Bear - inedible of course