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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Be Bear or Be Square in Las Vegas

As I was editing items in my Ebay store, today, I noticed my bear collection had grown quite large!  Searching for "Bears" and "Bear" I pulled up my inventory...low and behold...there were my stuffed animals...ready for new had not occurred to me just how many I was rescuing while visiting estate sales and moving sales.....over the past year I had collected many fine, clean, and personable bears.  While clicking on my picture inventory, it looked like hundreds.....different poses, colors, bows, tags.....and then it occurred to me.....I am a rescue agency for abandoned bears.  There is no two ways about it, I am hopelessly the self-appointed queen and foster mother of a kennel of bears........Every sale I visit, there is usually a box full of stuffed animals...while I like them all, I gravitate towards those bears (or other animals) which speak to me.....soft, clean, like new, those with clothes, bows, or some I can add a little bow to make them feel dressed....when young while I acquired my love and passion to learn about the past and all things Vintage, I also developed a love of bears.....I cannot think of collecting Vintage without rescuing and collecting bears! memory suits me well-----"I wish I was a Teddy Bear----not living  not loving not going no where...I wish I was a Teddy Bear and I wish that I  hadn't fallen in love with you".....and every time I see an abandoned bear that speaks to me, I just have to save it.  As I look at my collection, clean, fluffed, and loved again, as I promote them out to new homes.....I realized my relationship with my bears is temporary but I hope they will always remember their foster mom, the one who pulled them out of the heat (Las Vegas summer) out of the cold (Las Vegas wind chills) out of the darkness of a box and turned right side up.....dressed them up and made them special again.....I love my bears....-=brenda  BWs Vintage Collectibles

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Las Vegas just froze over....

Las Vegas Henderson update
Are you kidding me with this 24 degrees up in here  ?????

Hell just froze over.........

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More coffee is needed...........brrrrr
-=brenda  BWs Vintage Collectibles