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Saturday, May 24, 2014

BWs Gift Destination

BWs Gift Destination   30 second fun video!  Happy Memorial Day, let us always be thankful for all we have.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Discrimination. ANTI-Motherism...a scathing review of a local Resort and Casino

The most important disrespectful and disgusting item I want to blog about:  Mother's Day. (At great risk, I might add. People disappear in Las Vegas.)

Specifically, the Fiesta Resort and Casino on Lake Mead Blvd, southeast valley. 
Fact:  discrimination against women:  MOTHERS

On Mother's Day, after checking the website for the buffet hours and prices, decided to pay my due diligence and eat local....after all, Las Vegas has enough business!  I excitedly picked up my mother and son, so we could be together and eat at the buffet on Mother's Day for dinner.  

BUT what ensued was nothing less than ANTI-MOTHERISM and discrimination.

1)We get up to the cashier and tried to use my 2 for 1 buffet coupon as a member....the cashier stated the coupons were not valid on Mother's Day! but on any other day...of course, you can imagine what came out of my mouth next, "We can't use the coupon on Mother's Day? that's unAmerican...did you at least give us some better food?" (no, the food was the same, nothing special)

No comment from the cashier...had this been any other day, I would refuse to pay the price and went to eat where I would not be hijacked...but I stayed and more fun ensued....

2) The price total was $38 something for 3 of us...I immediately asked her to recalculate as the dinners should have been $8.99 for club members...the cashier informed me FOR MOTHER"S DAY, they raised the price to $11.99!!!  (I immediately turned to my standing-in-line neighbors and warned them for the two things above! "Be prepared to put away your 2 for 1s, and then pay 50% more for Mother's Day"...I was surprised however that I was not escorted out.....but I kept my cool -other than this--

3)When we walked through the line to submit our ticket to the waiter and be seated, he handed us an ugly white Carnation...I was insulted to say the least....for my mother, nothing less than a Rose was in order...but I had to remember, I was not in the Taj Mahal....I was at the Fiesta, and Carnations were a big deal there....needless to say, I handed it back to the waiter...yes, at this point I was getting somewhat snippy (one of my best qualities).

4) Cold ham, roast, and turkey meat were hidden between the Chinese and Mongolian bays...under BBQ.  Why the hell a ham and turkey were put in the BBQ section and not the American food section, I'll never know.....but I did walk for what seemed like minutes trying to find meat...not occurring to me it would be sandwiched between the Asian counters....I had to ask a customer where they found the meat.....had I wanted BBQ, I would have found a BAKED HAM and ROASTED TURKEY.... !!!!!!

Why the HELL the BBQ section was sandwiched between the Asian counters and not kept over by the AMERICAN food counter is another common sense decision obviously not applied.  BBQ food is American not Asian. BBQ and the meat all belonged in the American section...(this is my pet peeve) it is common have patrons walking back and forth is just plain STUPID.

COLD all the meat was COLD...dinner had just opened at 4 pm...we were there by 5....I feel very sorry for the folks who came after us.....and the story goes on...about carving fat and putting it on my plate?   I had to request real meat?  was it because I was a woman or Mother?

5) No problem?  I went up to the plate section to get some forks...feeling quite satisfied at least something would go right...except.....there were none, Not only were there no forks, there were no places for new forks, spoons, or knives...only soup spoons....what the heck?

So, I asked a waitress, who could not speak English.
I asked a second waiter, who told me to swipe one from an empty table....I explained that would only be someone else's problem a bit later....
I asked a third waiter, they told me to take sets off an empty table...again, I explained that would only leave the next person trying to find forks...
Couldn't I just get new sets from a drawer and leave the tables alone?

No, I was told no and waiter walked off....I was forced to either go without or swipe the forks out of the sets off new tables...

So, blood boiling to the point of no return, as I tried to remember high blood pressure can be reduced by breathing long luxurious breaths....I went to the front of the cashier's to find a manager.  No one. Not only were there no managers, no one spoke English.  (While in an English establishment, you must be at least bilingual.)

I had to stand in place, hold my hand outright as if I was directing traffic and stated, "STOP" to a waiter...who was seating people.....sign language worked.

I finally got my point across, and he did walk over to a drawer and secured sets of forks for my table...and alas, by doing so, saved other patrons this same find forks. 

But the fun didn't end there.  After the cold dinner, we had cardboard desserts. Worst ever. The Satin Chocolate Pie was WARM and mushy....the pieces were the size of 2 forks full only...I ended up eating cookies, almost fail proof.

And then we went to the bathroom...dirty dirty dirty, with towels overflowing, toilet paper all over the floors and seats....mind you, it was only the beginning of the dinner rush.

THE SUMMARY:  discrimination against women.....this whole disgusting and disrespectful treatment was on Mother's of the most American, wholesome, genuine, blessed day of the year.  Where most businesses are celebrating Mothers, the Fiesta used Mother's Day to try to make money....the treatment to jack up prices (on locals)  speaks to a very unscrupulous management team willing to discriminate against women on their special day. 

(none of this was posted on their website. "for Mother's Day we are going to refuse coupons, raise the prices by 50% and serve cold food and hot pudding pie")

Being that I am local, I have options!  You can BET (pardon my pun) I will take my business, all of my family's business (this is where they always stay) and move it....

Disrespect me as a women--I am incensed.
Disrespect my mother, is unforgivable.  


Here's a pic of the bathroom, not quite up to par like the strip lounges, huh?   I did not post all of them. 

No, I was told no.

BUSY BUSY New Year 2014

Should I say, HAPPY NEW YEAR?  sometime ago! what have I been doing where 5 months passed without me blogging?  Family.  In a nutshell, FAMILY.  And then there's BUSINESS.  Two entirely different animals. 

Mom came to Henderson last fall and we have been very busy all over Las Vegas.  Have I taken pictures? nope.  For once in my life, I didn't spend one minute snapping pictures and inconveniencing everyone around me...strange but true.  (maybe a couple of pics)

We have visited the Bellagio, had lunch at the Boulder City Hotel, spent a birthday at a buffet in the Aquarius , Laughlin, spent hours perusing through antique shops and thrift stores for treasures to collect. 

If you ever get the chance, you must visit Boulder City downtown, and don't forget the plaza....Brenda's Boutique is to die for (no, this is not my store) best little shop around, fair prices too......

We had a two day garage sale, sold mom's big furniture, and I was able to off-load some of my things....who knew Las Vegas collectibles would sell better in Las Vegas????? guess I"ll be starting over on that collection!

We have been visited by my daughter and new husband only to say good-bye as they started a new life in New York. Visited by grand children and their spouses, in-laws and out-laws.....we have been keeping Caesar's Pizza on Lake Mead Blvd and the Boulder Highway very busy!  ( I don't cook if I don't have to.)

We have had to visit numerous medical disciplines as mom transferred all her medical records...and had the good news she is as healthy as a 20 yr old.  She's a trooper.

In all,  I have been galloping around the Valley and noticing many changes in the skyline...the Observation Wheel doesn't fit if you ask me, but who am I to looks ridiculous...but so do my feet and I have to use them...guess we have to get used to that ugly round thing sticking up on the strip....

Gotta run, here's a pic of mom and me at Aquarius in Laughlin for her birthday brunch....a very nice buffet and has everything you might want or need...looking out over the river....a  very nice family affair!

Here's one of our garage sale! We were setting up, so there is more in was HUGE.