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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Memorial Weekend all year

Good evening, I hope this blog finds you well.  The Memorial Day Weekend is coming.  It is a weekend which-really-I think of often.  Coming from a family who lends family members regularly to the Armed Forces....Korean War, Vietnam, Gulf, and plenty of peace keeping missions.....Iraq, facets of father, brothers, daughter, Uncle, cousins, son-in-law, nephew....have all spent time defending, in active duty.  Army, Air Force,, it is pretty much normal for me to think of soldiers all year long, not just for one weekend or day.  I haven't always agreed with the "why we were there..." reasons or issues presented to us by politicians or media.  One thing I can agree with is Americans understand what freedom means and what it costs to keep it.  Our Nation has not forgotten the wars in which our own soil was red with the blood of our young men...fighting for ideals, for freedom gained or to be lost, for land, for ownership, for love of country.  Our Christian heritage runs strong and deep, my Memorial Day comes every so often when I have a memory of a time when I was just 9 yrs old, standing in an airport, looking out the window into the black night, searching the airplane's windows for my brother's face, and never finding it. I remember the lights on the aircraft, as the plane would crawl away from the "tunnel".... I can feel, every so often, the pain in my heart (and then with tears in my eyes) of feeling like I would never see Victor again....I can feel my heart break.  I remember feeling the void in my heart already, as if he was not coming home. (He did eventually return.) Memorial Day Weekend is a weekend, a year long remembrance, of soldiers who did not come home.....who do not come home.  Although I have only a small pain in my heart compared to others who have lost a loved one in a war or friendly fire, my appreciation runs deep as my love runs deep for all those who have sacrificed and will sacrifice the ultimate price of loss....and pain.....we must remember not only those who have given their lives, but we must remember, in our prayers as well as handshakes and pats on the back, all those soldiers and comrades who have returned home wounded.  The walking wounded, the healing hearts, the loss of loved ones, the missing soldiers never found, and the ones who grieve along side them.  Memorial Day Weekend is a day, for me, that runs all year.  Thank you to all who have served, who do serve, and continue to sacrifice daily.
I hope this blog leaves you well.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Las Vegas and Vintage Small Collectibles

Good day.  Las Vegas is a great city, full of lights, action, and relaxation.  The past history of the Valley lends itself a vintage flavor, a mystic aurora, and abides within many a photo album as a wild west town, a mafia shadowed sin city, and a City where secrets stay secret.  "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas".  I happen to live in Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas.  My collectibles, BWs Recollections, come from estate sales and homes of the dearly beloved passed, often times their entire life is displayed as a living museum, in my opinion.  Items were originally collected brought a memory to a by-gone era or year; often they were kept due to someone's sensitivity and heartfelt savoring of a special day...but all in the past.  My hobby, since 1982, has been to search for small collectibles which would tell a story of their own, if they could.  I adore every piece I acquire, often cleaning it and keeping it in a personal collection before moving it on to others.  I also share my hobby with others, at a low price or wholesale (some would say) through my webstore located at  Sometimes I rotate my items through Ebay, but all too often Ebay fees are so high, I refuse to sell my goodies so that it is hard for someone to decide between milk on their table or a collective.  Las Vegas is full of vintage, Presley, the Rat Pack, and many more.....but I gather my items from the past and put them on display and for sale so everyone may own a piece of history or someone's life whom had lived in Las Vegas.  A few of my items:  Rosenthal Krister KPM132 salt dips, bread and butter plates, demitasse cups, coffee cups, Corelle Callaway Dinner plates and salad plates, Myott Staffordshire Forget Me Not Cream Blue floral coffee cups and dessert dishes, Finlandia Blue Coffee Cups, Vintage Fenton Silver Crest Comport, Fenton Milk Glass Comport, Indiana Glass, Federal Glass, Stoneware,  and much much more.  Come visit, for regular updates, you can follow me on facebook as well:

PMR Rambler Rose (2) Dinner Plates Jaeger & Co Bavaria Germany 101/4"

Golden Bantam -5 Saucers by Narumi 5 1/2" Occupied Japan 

Platinum Garland -4 Soup Bowls 7 3/4" Harmony House Sears ca 1959

Come visit and experience the aura of the Las Vegas historic past.